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November 2023 USPS Rate Changes

Starting November 18, 2023, the USPS will implement new rate adjustments that may impact your shipments. Here’s an overview of what’s changing:

  • Priority Mail® costs will increase by an average of 1.5%, with Zones 1-2 seeing steeper increases.
  • Ground Advantage™ costs will decrease by around 5%, with Zones 1-5 seeing more significant drops.

So which shipments will see the biggest changes? The short answer: those traveling shorter distances. More specifically, Ground Advantage™ packages weighing 1-2 lbs to Zones 1-5 could see a price drop ranging from up to 10-18%.

Additionally, those relying on Priority Mail Flat Rate® boxes can anticipate a price increase around 5%.

Exact rates will vary depending on the package details and how far it’s traveling. As always, we recommend comparing rates and services to find the best option for your business. 

18th Nov 2023 John Onassis

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